A good business team can accomplish far more than even the most skilled employee can alone. In this article, you’ll learn about the ingredients that highly functional business teams have in common. 

  1. Defined Goals and Roles

Business teams need defined goals and roles. Setting SMART goals—that is, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based—can be helpful for the goals part. As for roles, make sure everyone on the team has a defined scope of responsibilities that fit their skill set. Without these traits, teams can end up aimless.

  1. Prioritize Diversity

Prioritizing diversity on your company’s business teams is a way to boost both inclusivity and innovation. Keeping diversity in mind is a way to bring different viewpoints and skill sets into the fold, and it’ll also make employees from a wide range of backgrounds feel valued. (If building a diverse team proves a challenge, that may be a sign that your company’s recruiting practices need to be revisited.)

  1. Emphasize Communication

Without communication, business teams might as well not exist: Teammates sending clear information to one another is vital if they are to work together effectively. Setting up effective lines of communication helps, whether they take the form of chat messages, emails, meetings, calls, or some combination of different channels.

Beyond that, though, defining specific people as points of contact for various responsibilities goes a long way. For instance, if it’s unclear who has decision-making power over a particular aspect of a project, communication can break down as teammates search for the right person to ask.

  1. Show Accountable Leadership

Whether you’re helming a team yourself or appointing someone else to take the lead, business teams need strong leadership for success. A good leader shows accountability, the ability to change with evolving circumstances, and transparent but prompt decision-making.

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