No business owner ever said that he or she wanted to shrink a business to success. Rather, business growth is essential for every business to survive and thrive long term. Business growth generates the interest that is needed to hire the best talent, attract more paying customers, increase sales, expand products and services, seize new opportunities, increase market share, defend against competition, and deal with market fluctuations.

What Are the Challenges of Business Growth?

Business growth is often accompanied by challenges including having an adequate amount of capital and managing cash flow. Challenges also come in responding to the demands of a growing workforce including nurturing an enduringly positive company culture and learning when to delegate versus when to exert personal involvement. Keeping up with diverse and changing customer needs along with market and economic changes can all be taxing. Increasing business intelligence needs come with business growth. Inventory and supply chain management also can offer some challenges.

The 6 Strategies That Drive Business Growth

Solid and sustainable business growth doesn’t come by accident. No, it requires a strategic approach and a solid plan to pursue the right kind of growth, not growth for growth’s sake. Here are 6 strategies that drive business growth:

Establish a unique value proposition that sets your business apart from competitors. The components of this value proposition must be relevant and credible.
Know your competition. See how they are positioned, who they target, how they grow, and how they are innovating to add enlightenment to your growth initiatives.
Identify and target your ideal customer.
Focus on your business strengths and build on them.
Invest in talent by selecting individuals that are motivated to serve your customers, share your values, and want to build your company’s future.
Verify your revenue streams and ensure that you have the capital you need.

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