Due to the state of the world in light of COVID-19, many franchises have been forced to close their doors. However, the pandemic did not defeat all of them. Here are some of the types of franchises that are very likely to survive in a post COVID world.

In-Home Senior Care

While many franchise types suffered greatly, one that is now thriving even more is in-home senior care services. Families that feared their senior loved ones may be inflicted with COVID-19 moved their family members back home. But these seniors still need to be cared for by qualified professionals. A franchise focusing on offering senior care services is one that would no doubt, thrive in today’s world, more so than ever before.

Professional Cleaning/Restoration For Commercial Properties

To keep the general public, as well as workers, safe, virtually every business occupying physical space have taken extra steps to ensure their surroundings are as clean as possible. For this reason, professional cleaning and restoration franchises are sure to keep attracting a steady stream of business. Consumers need to be reassured that the businesses they frequent care about keeping them safe from airborne illness, including COVID-19. 

Business Serving Franchises

The hottest types of franchises these days are those that provide other businesses with something they need. This includes the businesses that produce everything from floor decals to help people socially distance, to sneeze guards for restaurants, grocery stores, and more. It also includes businesses that offer commercial plumbing and cleaning services. 

Trash/Junk Removal

As most people were confined to home for the duration of 2020, many began to realize that they needed trash and junk removal services. With more free time on their hands than normal, people have become better focused on eliminating unneeded and unwanted items from their homes 

Take Out Food Businesses

In a year where indoor dining in restaurants was banned, those that focused on offering take-out food weathered the pandemic better than their counterparts that didn’t.

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